ROKX(ロックス) Climbing Cap(クライミングキャップ)







Hello. It’s me again. Manas. My last name is Sumida, by the way. Please, don’t think that I’m desperate to make people remember my name, and bear with me for today’s blog.

It has been really cold for the past few days, and I’m starting to really miss spring. It’s not that I don’t like winter, though. It’s like when you eat cheeseburger all of the time, you start to feel like eating pizza for a change. Ok, maybe not.

Anyways, imagining what to wear for spring is really exciting. What happens to me sometimes, is that after picking out my pants, shirts, and shoes, I look in the mirror only to find that the whole outfit isn’t quite like what I’d imagined. It’s not totally off, but it just needs a little extra touch to make it better. When I encounter situations like this, it’s the caps and hats that usually save me.

You can have that certain look you are looking for by just adding on a cap or a hat. This ROKX climbing cap is a great example. The volume of the cap gets a little bigger towards the back, making the shape of your head look better, and plus, it has a stylish check pattern on the inside. I mean, what more can you ask for??

The color variations are BLACK, BEIGE, KHAKI, and HICKOREY.
This ROKX climbing cap will definately add that little extra touch you are looking for to your spring fashion.

●キャップ ROKX(ロックス) CLIMBING CAP(クライミングキャップ)  カラー:カーキ、ブラック、グレー、ヒッコリー(着用)  プライス:¥5,040-
●アウター N.O.UN(ナウン)NEW TANKERS(ニュータンカース)  カラー:ネイビー  サイズ:S(着用)、M、L  プライス:¥22,050-
●シャツ SPINNERBAIT(スピナーベイト) OXFORD BD Shirts(オックスフォード ボタンダウンシャツ) カラー:ホワイト  サイズ:40,42(着用),44  プライス:¥8,925-
●パンツ RESOLUTE(リゾルト)710-4  カラー:インディゴ/ワンウォッシュ  サイズ:28,29,30(着用),31,32,33,34,36  プライス:¥23,100-
●シューズ Russell Moccasin(ラッセルモカシン) Chukka(チャッカ)  レザー:ポーテージオイルタン  ソール:スタンダードクレープ  サイズ:US7,5E(着用) US8E US8,5E  プライス:¥37,800-


このROKX Climbing Cap(ロックス クライミングキャップ)が欲しいけど、ZABOUの店まで遠くて買に行けない!そんな方の強い味方『ZABOU WEB SHOP』がございます。こちらからどうぞ。→ ROKX Climbing Cap(ロックス クライミングキャップ)